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    to Erie Elementary, where learning and teamwork are the focus of every day. Our students are split into two buildings in our elementary. Our preschool and kindergarten students call the Annex building home. The first through fourth grade students are housed in the elementary building. Together, the buildings work to create a fluid education, founded in collaboration, academics, social-emotional well-being and technology.  


  We believe in giving our students a well-rounded education with a support system to help all of our learners. Our elementary students participate in art, music, PE and technology class as part of their regular schedule.  Our students also have access to a full-time elementary school counselor, nurse, three special education teachers, two full time and one part time RtI teachers and a district speech teacher. Our 1:1 technology program offers each student an iPad to use throughout the day, incorporating new ways of learning and practicing each day in class.  Here at Erie Elementary, we put our children first, giving them the staff, resources and expectations to be a better student each and every day!  


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Here's What's Going On: 

4th Grade Field Trip Fun

This month our 4th Grade class went on a fun and educational field trip to reinforce the information we will be learning in Social Studies this year. 

Our first stop was the John Deere Historic Site in Grand Detour. Here we watched a video detailing Deere’s childhood, his apprenticeships throughout Vermont, and his move to Grand Detour to set up a blacksmith shop. It was here that he invented a new kind of plow that would cut through the sticky soil of the prairie. We saw the dig site where his original shop stood with illustrations to better understand how the shop would have worked during that time period. We also toured the house that Deere built for his family including reproductions of furniture and tools that the family might have used. Before we left we were able to watch a blacksmith create an ornate wall hook using the techniques and equipment that Deere would have used.

Our next stop was the Black Hawk State Park museum. We were given a tour of a year in the lives of the Sauk and Meskwaki people, the last two Native American tribes to settle along our Mississippi and Rock Rivers. We also took a nature hike and learned the history of the Park, including a detailed exhibit of the Civilian Conservation Corp. This depression-era program was responsible for providing men with work that created the trails and lodge as well as the planting of hundreds of trees in the park.

The presenters at both of our locations were amazing. We came home with pumpkins, ragdoll kits, and lots of information that we will discuss in greater detail in our lessons.





-Mrs. Livengood

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This month we will spend our time talking about friendship.  We will talk about being a Reindeer Friend in that each letter helps us understand how to be a better friend:

R:  Remember those in Need

E:  Everyone Matters, Everyone Counts

I:  Invite and Include 

N:  Notice the Little Things

D:  Do something Great, when no one is Looking

E:  Embrace everyone

E:  Elevate others with kindness

R:  Respond with Respect 

We will talk about these ideas during morning message as well as during SEL time.  We will also be reading How Full is Your Bucket and discussing how we can put drops in others buckets in being a good friend.  Lastly, we will countdown our way to Christmas Break by “Lighting Up their Day.”  I will share a light bulb idea with the students every morning that will help them be a good friend and continue to spread friendship and kindness.  We will conclude by doing an activity about all of the light bulbs that I have talked about and bring everything together. My hope is that our students continue to be good friends who are compassionate and caring, and I will continue to work to strive to be a part of a school “Where children come first.”

-Mrs. Abbott

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