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to Erie High School, where exploration, technology, and student-centered learning is a focus of every day. Teachers and staff work together to prepare our students socially, emotionally and academically, ensuring success throughout their high school career. We pride ourselves on being the top educational secondary school in the entire area. Our district focuses on providing students with the most opportunities possible, from athletics and extracurriculars, to vocational classes offered. Our goal at EHS is to provide all of our students with the educational tools needed in order to excel in our community and beyond. EHS provides all the staff, resources, and expectations to be #1 every day of the year! 


= success!

November 4, 2019

EHS will be running the annual Pajama Drive again...

November 1, 2019

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November 1, 2019

The Whiteside County Health Department is bringing...

October 22, 2019

11-21-19     Sophomore field trip to Clinton Commu...

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What's Going on at EHS:

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Upcoming Events

11/14 Boys Bowling @ Geneseo - 4:00pm


11/15 Meet The Panthers (Boys Bowling & Girls Basketball) @ EHS - 6:00pm

Students of the Month

Language Arts:  Bryce Jepson

Math:  Aylah Jones

Science:  Sydney Bielema

Social Studies:  Kelsey Stichter

Fine Arts:  Chloe Fuller

Vocational: Cameron Stout

Health: Lillian Stubbs


High School Highlights

Health Class Focuses On Mental Health

Health students are currently focusing on the health skill of self-management. Self-management will coincide with our mental health unit. Health class and discussion around health in general often focuses on the negatives. We spend a lot of time talking about what NOT to do. The emphasis in this unit is how to maintain or enhance mental health through positive behaviors such as gratitude, mindfulness, laughter, strengthening relationships, exercise, and kindness toward others. I have created a unit that shows students many different strategies for enhancing mental health, all with a positive focus.

One behavior that we spent two days on, was a letter of gratitude. Students were asked to write a letter to someone that had a major impact on their life that they haven't expressed gratitude towards.  Students wrote letters and were given the opportunity to make the phone call in class and read the letter to this person. We had 5 brave students call and read letters in front of their classmates. This was an emotional experience for all and a courageous act by these students. Other students were asked to read the letter to this person outside of school.  Most students reported a positive experience that enhanced their happiness as well as the recipient of the gratitude letter. I believe we also strengthened a relationship through this letter. 

 -Mr.Whitebread, HS Health/Driver's Ed Teacher

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