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  Erie Middle School recognizes the unique and special learning requirements of adolescent students by offering a comprehensive and balanced program of study that meets their academic, social and emotional needs. Our goal is not only to prepare students for the rigors of High School, but to continue to foster a culture of learning and exploration that can be carried with them through life outside of the classroom.

 Erie Middle School is a technology progressive school. Our 1:1 iPad program gives our students a foundation for being active and responsible global citizens in the 21st century. By incorporating the use of technology into the daily lives of our students and focusing on being responsible citizens in its use, we believe that we are providing a rich and successful formula for student achievement.


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with Mr. Birdsall, Middle School Counselor


5th Grade: Boston Besse 6th Grade: Aubrey Huisman

7th Grade: Jamie Neumiller 8th Grade: Nate Packer

Why Empathy Is So Important

Why Empathy is So Important

 Empathy is the ability to understand the thoughts, feelings and experiences of others as if they are one’s own thoughts, feelings and experiences. Empathy is broken down into affective empathy (understanding another’s feelings) and cognitive empathy (taking on another’s perspective). While all human beings possess the rudiments of empathy innately (exception being psychopaths and sociopaths), effort is required to cultivate this skill. Empathy is important because it is the foundation of compassion and kindness. It is an essential component of the ability to form connections with others, tolerate differences and take an active helping role in service of others.  


How to Cultivate Empathy in Children

Tip #1: Provide children with the support they need to develop strong emotional regulation skills

Children who are unable to handle their own emotions will struggle to identify with the emotions of others . Children with secure attachments to the adults in their lives are more likely to experience the emotional stability that is required to activate the innate empathy.


Tip #2: Consistently Model Empathy for Your Children

Show your children how you use empathy. Allowing young people to see that empathy can be difficult for adults, too, allows them to be okay making mistakes while developing this skill. Talk about how easy it is to engage in snap judgments that often times prove to be false after you consider the person or situation more objectively.


Tip #3: Help Kids Identify What They Have in Common with Others

It is a very human tendency to focus on the differences between ourselves and others. Help your children by pointing out that though there are differences, human beings share many more similarities. Seek opportunities and experiences to point out these similarities.

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