Erie Elementary Building Construction


In the summer of 2022, the Erie School Board of Education investigated several facility options that included the following:

  1. A two building option -- Adding an addition onto the current high school to create a 6-12 building and revamping the middle school to become a Pk-5 building.

  2. A two building option -- included a PK-4 addition to the existing MS making it a PK-8 building.

  3. A three building option --- Renovate the existing Annex Building and add onto the building to create a PK-4 building.

*The board decided on option 3.


Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, Kali Livengood (Elementary Principal), Josh VanDeWostine (Maintenance Director) and Chuck Milem (Superintendent) worked with Bray architects and Estes Construction on what was called a CPT, or core planning team.

This pre-construction team spent a great deal of time on design and budget for the new building.


In the summer of 2023, we officially broke ground and began our construction journey.

Along the way, Jonathon Schlagheck, HS computer science teacher, and his classes created several videos of the progression of the building. You can find those videos below. There is also drone footage videos attached below.


*Coming Soon!!!

Architect Renderings and Pictures

Before and After Pictures Slide Show

About the Building!

Many remember this site as the "Old High School," where a two story building once stood. Many people in Erie remember the old high school demolition in the 1990's and now get to see new life into the old remaining building through a renovation and a new addition where the old two story building once stood.

This is a project for the whole community to be proud of that entails the following:

  1. 34,118 square feet of new addition and 19,879 square feet of renovation for a total of 53,997 square feet!!!

  2. This 18 million dollar investment came after the new addition to Erie High School in 2019 and the completion of the High School in 1995.

  3. The renovation to Erie Elementary includes:

    1. 2 new Pre-K classrooms with private single restrooms and secured entry for parent drop off and pick up

    2. 2 new Kindergarten classrooms with private single restrooms

    3. A STEM, Music, Art, Flex classroom, staff lounge, and activities restrooms

    4. Kitchen and Commons / Cafeteria off the Gym

    5. Tiny Town - "Children's Play space"

  4. The new addition includes:

    1. Office: Principals Office, Nurses, Office, Counselors Office, Conference Room, Work space

    2. Two 1st grade classrooms that also doubles as storm shelter in which our entire Elementary student body can fit into the classrooms and stay safe from any severe weather threat.

    3. Two 2nd grade classrooms

    4. Two 3rd grade classrooms

    5. Two 4th grade classrooms

    6. Three special education classrooms

    7. RTI offices

    8. New Library

    9. Two collaborative zoned for 1st/2nd grade and 3rd/4th grade

    10. A light court that also doubles as a playground