Principal: Mr. Tim McConnell

435 6th Avenue - Erie, IL  61250

309.659.2239 x1411


Welcome to Erie High School, where exploration, technology, and student-centered learning is a focus of every day. Teachers and staff work together to prepare our students socially, emotionally and academically, ensuring success throughout their high school career. We pride ourselves on being the top educational secondary school in the entire area. Our district focuses on providing students with the most opportunities possible, from athletics and extracurriculars, to vocational classes offered. Our goal at EHS is to provide all of our students with the educational tools needed in order to excel in our community and beyond. EHS provides all the staff, resources, and expectations to be #1 every day of the year! 

What's going on at EHS:

Upcoming Events

05/28/24 Last Student Attendance Day - Dismissal @ 12:30pm

05/29/24-8/13/24 No School - Summer Break

8/14/24 First Student Attendance Day - Dismissal @ 2:00pm

High School Highlights