The National Honor Society members of Erie High School held a food drive last week for the local Erie Food Pantry. There was a staff collection of the non perishable food items in each of the three buildings. The Middle school won the bragging rights for this little contest.  

  Saturday night found the committee members were present during the parked parade sponsored by the ReVitalize Erie committee to receive more items from the community. The members were thrilled with the outpouring of items from the community. They would like to say thank you to all who came out and helped the local food pantry with their donations. 

  Jane Keag and Curt Huizenga, Erie Food Pantry board members,  were present to receive the donations Sunday morning. The shelves of the pantry were getting low so they were very appreciative of the efforts of NHS to help collect items for them. Along with the items the food pantry also received $439 in cash donations which will help them when they go to the Sauk Valley Food Bank.