The Erie High School Chapter of National Honor Society is once again partnering with St. Ambrose University to participate in their “For the Kids” Dance Marathon event. Our goal is to help raise funds for the sick and injured children and their families to offset medical expenses, travel expenses, and even food expenses as they travel back and forth to Iowa City. Many of these children are from our region and our communities. It is the belief that parents should not have to worry about their child’s care or how they can afford to travel back and forth, or having to decide to pay for gas and not eat. None of those are good situations. The parents need to be able to be rested and stay positive for their child. This is the third year that EHS has been involved in raising funds for the Dance Marathon.  

  Obviously with CoVid-19 we have not been able to raise funds in the manner we have in the past with a food stand at an athletic event or to hold a dance. Therefore, we have found other ways to raise funds within our school, but not to the dollar amount we did in the past.  

  Towards this goal we have joined in with the online fund drive at St. Ambrose University. All funds will go directly to their account but Erie High School will receive the credit for the donations made at: The monies raised through this online donor site will go directly into the St. Ambrose “For The Kids” Dance Marathon fund. This account will be open until April 2.

  We would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to consider a donation no matter how large or small. Every single dollar joined together with others makes a big difference to the children. The funds raised are indeed “For the Kids” and their families. 

  Although the totals are not in yet for the NHS month of love FTK program, we are pleased to report that we are near a $1000 goal set at the beginning of the month. Activities that have led to this number have been raised from dress up days, selling food items before school, having a cupcake decoration contest, and a bags tournament. 

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